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Playlist from 03/26/2010 @ 3:00pm

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Wendy Allyn

I believe the Music is The Universal Language! Am delighted to be alive in a time when music is so accessible, remember that recorded music has only existed for a handful of years... ;) Requests always welcome. Click the request button online, or call 616-742-9923.

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Guy Forsyth

Long Long Time
Love Songs: For & Against 2005 via Small & Nimble
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Tim Armstrong

Into Action
A Poet's Life 2007 via Hellcat Records
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3:20 pm

Joan Osborne

Make You Feel My Love
Righteous Love 2000 via Interscope
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Who Makes Your Money
Transference 2010 via Merge Records
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Johnny Cash

I Won't Back Down
American III- Solitary Man 2000 via Lost Highway


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3:00 pm