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all tracks and on-air programmers are listed in reverse chronological order - times are approximate


Jerry Get Kind

No shallow cuts!

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tracks may appear here before or after they are played on the air

Alexa Rose

Untitled No. 47
Medicine For Living 2019 via Big Legal Mess
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Mumbo Gumbo

The Little Things
Potluck 1998 via Ruby Records
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Moving Forward
The Mating Game 2006 via Quango
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12:20 pm
Altenergy (click for more info)

Support today on WYCE comes from Altenergy Inc., providing residential and commercial solar power installations in the Grand Rapids area. 

Altenergy is dedicated to educating the community about solar energy and designing customized solar solutions for grid-tied and battery-based applications. 

More info at alt energy inc dot com or by calling 616-419-8369.

Barbara Blue

800 Mile Blues
Memphis Blue: Sweet Strong & Tight 2015 via Big Blue
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Hiss Golden Messenger

Happy Birthday, Baby
Terms Of Surrender 2019 via Merge
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Yankee Brown
Michigan-I-O 2019 via Independent
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Fidel Nadal

Te Amo Dub
Crucial Cuts 2009 via Nacional
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12:00 pm
Center for Inquiry - Michigan (click for more info)

Center for Inquiry Michigan seeks to foster a secular society based on science, reason, humanist values, and freedom of inquiry. CFI promotes the use of critical thinking skills and fact-based research. They host educational and social events for adults and children as well as develop communities where like-minded individuals can meet and share experiences. Translating humanist values into action for the common good of humanity, members also give back to their community through service projects. Learn more at C F I Michigan dot org or on Facebook: facebook dot com slash C F I M I