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Mark Gerard

Folksy...Rootsy...laid back Americana feel. Michigan music, classic jazz and blasts. from the past . Not afraid to stretch out a bit with longer tracks...enjoy the ride!!

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tracks may appear here before or after they are played on the air

Band Of Other Brothers

City of Cranes 2016 via Ear Up
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9:30 am
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Sharon McMahan

Somebody Else 2016 via Independent
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Washed Out

Game Of Chance
Purple Noon 2020 via Sub Pop
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9:20 am
Coopersville Farm Museum & Event Center[AUDIO PSA] (click for more info)

Coopersville Farm Museum & Event Center email: PO Box 64 375 Main Street Coopersville, MI 49404 (616) 997-8555


If I Fell
A Bite Of The Apple 1999 via Zebra Records (Wea)
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Yuna 2012 via Fader Label
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The Dead Tongues

Equinox Receiver
Transmigration Blues 2020 via Psychic Hotline
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Heather Nova

Sea Glass
The Way It Feels 2015 via Saltwater Limited
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9:00 am
WYCE | Michigan Music Marathon 2020 (click for more info)

Today starting at noon it's the WYCE Michigan Music Marathon and Fund Drive!

This fund drive will be A World of Michigan Music featuring only Michigan artists for 36 hours with info on local restaurants, venues, and area nonprofits throughout.

GRTV will also be showing WYCE throwback performances from over the years via Comcast channel 25 and Twitch.

This fund drive is crucial to our operations and we need your help. Our goal is $36,000 in 36 hours but you can give us jump start on that goal today by making a donation at WYCE dot org 

All sustaining "donorships" starting at $10/month or higher will receive a Michigan Music Marathon t-shirt and will also be entered to win various prizes throughout the fund drive including gift cards to restaurants, a private film screening at Wealthy Theatre, an overnight getaway, and much more!. 

Tune in for WYCE's Michigan Music Marathon starting today at noon and support independent radio in West Michigan!