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all tracks and on-air programmers are listed in reverse chronological order - times are approximate

tracks may appear here before or after they are played on the air

The Whistles & The Bells

Year Of The Freak Out
Modern Plagues 2017 via New West
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Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers

Super Cannes
Magic Polaroid [EP] 2018 via Agogo Records
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Beef Broth
Volume Won 2020 via Independent
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Shuggie Otis

Strawberry Letter 23 [-]
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3:20 am
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Funky Canyon
What It Is! Funky Soul And Rare Grooves (1967-1977) 2006 via Rhino


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Aspects 2021 via Brownswood Recordings
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Funny Thing
It Is What It Is 2020 via Brainfeeder
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Michael Jackson

Rock With You
Off The Wall 1979 via MJJ Productions Inc.
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3:00 am
(Generic) Specialized Language Development (click for more info)

The Specialized Language Development (SLD) Center , a community resource of West Michigan, is committed to bringing the power of reading, writing and spelling to all individuals with dyslexia or other unique learning styles, enabling them to achieve their full potential. They are currently looking for tutors in the West Michigan area. The number to call to find out more is 616 361 1182.