Jammies XVI Legacy Award performer: THE VERVE PIPE

posted by Matt Jarrells on 01/06/2015

Formed in 1992 in Lansing, MI, The Verve Pipe became an international alternative rock success with hit singles "The Freshmen," "Photograph," "Cup of Tea" and more. The band later reimagined themselves as a family-friendly band, with two albums of songs for kids. 2014 brought the release of Overboard, the band's first rock album in 13 years.

Band Website: http://www.thevervepipe.com/

Album: Overboard (LMNO Pop Records)

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Lansing

FIRST Jammies Appearance

Members: Brian Vander Ark, Craig Griffith, Joel Ferguson, Lou Musa, Randy Sly, Andy Red, and Scott Stefanski; (past) Brad Vander Ark, Donny Brown, Brian Stout, AJ Dunning, Doug Corella, Dan Metheny, and John Connors

Nominations: WYCE Legacy Award (winner), Best Rock or Pop Album, Song of the Year ("Carry On"), Album of the Year

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