Artist Of The Day: Izo FitzRoy

posted by Shane German on 03/11/2020

Isobel 'Izo' FitzRoy is a UK based singer/songwriter and pianist. Born and bred in London, having played classical and jazz piano since the age of seven, her musical career took flight in 2003 when she won The Guardian's prestigious 'Young Composer of the Year' award. However, it was only when Izo made her way up to Glasgow, Scotland that her musical character really began to emerge.

In 2007 she began working at a drug rehabilitation centre in the city, which inspired her to write songs incorporating dark social observations from her day to day experiences.

She moved back to London and began a full time career as a musican.

With a rare combination of powerful vocals, honest song writing and dynamic live performances, Izo FitzRoy's music is a unique and captivating blend of soul, gospel and blues.

She has released two full length albums.  Her 2020 release "How The Mighty Fall" was recently added to the WYCE Music Library.

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