Artist Of The Day: Sunny Jain

posted by Shane German on 03/04/2020

 Sunny Jain is an American dhol player, drummer, and composer. He is recognized as a lead voice in the burgeoning movement of South Asian-American jazz musicians. He is also known for his work with the band Red Baraat.

His seven albums have all received international acclaim for their "groundbreaking synthesis" as he brings together the ancient sounds of his cultural heritage, America's greatest original art form and a host of other sounds. 

His latest solo release Wild Wild East  encompasses Jain’s identity both as a first-generation South Asian–American and as a global musician, from his own family’s immigration story to his eclectic musical upbringing. In recasting the immigrant—steeped in the courage to leave a familiar homeland for a new beginning—as the modern-day cowboy and cowgirl, Jain sources musical inspiration from the scores of Bollywood classics and Spaghetti Westerns, Indian folk traditions, jazz improvisation, and rollicking psychedelic and surf guitar styles.

Wild Wild East was recently added to the WYCE Music Library.

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