Artist of the Day : The Clash

posted by Jess Martin on 02/07/2020

Every February 7th, music lovers worldwide come together to celebrate International Clash Day, created by John Richards at KEXP in Seattle 7 years ago. What began as a tribute to The Clash’s music and legacy has evolved into a banner celebration of the issues and message they stood for. The Clash were unapologetically confrontational and champions of the oppressed, always striving for the possibility of a better world. That’s why in 2020 we’re using the holiday to Clash For Climate.

WYCE joins the city of Grand Rapids and KEXP to celebrate International Clash Day while focusing on the band's music and eco-conscious non-profits that are making an impact in our community. 

Even as Earth feels the clampdown, the pathway to a new day isn’t out of reach. As Joe Strummer once said, “The future is unwritten.” 

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