Artist Of The Day: Aimee Mann

posted by Shane German on 01/16/2020

Aimee Mann is an American singer-songwriter. Mann began her career in the 1980s as the bassist and a vocalist for 'Til Tuesday, and wrote their top-ten single "Voices Carry". She released her debut solo album, Whatever, in 1993, and has released several albums since. In 1999, Mann recorded songs for the soundtrack to the Paul Thomas Anderson film Magnolia, which earned Academy Award and Grammy Award nominations for the song "Save Me". She has won two Grammy Awards and was named one of the world's ten greatest living songwriters by NPR in 2006

She has released 8 studio albums over her career.  Aimee Mann is influenced by and admires Leonard CohenStephen SondheimFiona AppleJimmy Webb, and her husband, Michael Penn

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