Artist Of The Day: Beth Bombara

posted by Shane German on 01/13/2020

Beth Bombara is an independent American singer, songwriter and musician from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri.

After attending Jenison high school, Bombara attended Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids and Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois, earning an interdisciplinary major in Music & Culture.

Her 2019 album Evergreen sources its inspiration from iconic sources from Tom Petty’s heartland rock & roll to Aimee Mann’s quirky indie-folk.

Even so, this is the unmistakably unique work of Beth Bombara, a singer/songwriter who, over a half-dozen albums, has nodded to past traditions while always pushing ahead into new territory. Evergreen is her newest high-water mark: an album that matches her craft with the nuanced stomp of her strongest band to date. 

Evergreen has been nominated for Best Contemporary Folk album, Album Of The Year and Song Of The Year for "I Only Cry When I'm Alone" at this year's Jammie Awards and she will be a performer as well on February 14th at the Intersection.



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