Artist Of The Day: Beck

posted by Shane German on 11/27/2019

Beck Hansen known simply as Beck, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer.

He rose to fame in the early 1990s with his experimental and lo-fi style, and became known for creating musical collages of wide genre styles.

Today, he musically encompasses folk, funk, soul, hip hop, electronic, alternative rock, country, and psychedelia.

His 1994 debut, Mellow Gold, launched the hit "Loser," but the album that truly cemented Beck's place in the pantheon was 1996's Odelay, a co-production with the Dust Brothers that touched upon all of his obsessions, providing a cultural keystone for the decade while telegraphing all his future moves, from the soul prankster of “Midnite Vultures” to the melancholy troubadour of “Sea Change.”

Beck moved between the extremes of satire and sincerity throughout the 21st century, sometimes fusing the two emotions -- as he did on 2008's “Modern Guilt” -- and slowly becoming a fixture in the music industry, a status underscored by his 2015 album “Morning Phase” taking home the Grammy for Album of the Year.

He has released 14 studio albums.  His 2019 effort “Hyperspace” was recently added to the WYCE Music Library.


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