Artist Of The Day: Tunde Olaniran

posted by Shane German on 11/08/2019

Tunde Olaniran is a singer, dancer, rapper, choreographer, producer and activist from Flint, Michigan.

As a child of an American social-activist mother and Nigerian Christian immigrant father, Tunde Olaniran has been instilled with the infusion of culture, consciousness, and rhythm since birth.

Growing up, he lived in Germany, Nigeria, and England before settling in Flint for his late adolescence where he was exposed to urban, folk, jazz, and soul influences of the small but humble city.

Olaniran’s 2018 album Stranger won big at this year’s Jammie Awards taking home The Critic’s Choice and Best Pop/Rock Album honors.

Tunde Olaniran will be stopping by WYCE today at 3:30 for an interview and to play some of his favorite tracks ahead of his show tonight at The Pyramid Scheme.


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