Artist Of The Day: Sampa The Great

posted by Shane German on 10/10/2019

Sampa the Great is a poet, songwriter, and visual artist whose introspective, socially conscious music strives to uplift, empower, and inspire positive change.

Born Sampa Tembo in Zambia, she was raised in Botswana and fell in love with hip-hop after hearing 2Pac's "Changes" as a child. She soon began rapping, and after moving to Australia as a young adult, she established herself in Sydney's hip-hop scene.

Her delivery flows between aggressive, confident rapping, smooth soul-jazz singing, and poetic reflections, and her music is a similarly eclectic brew of abstract hip-hop beats, African influences, spiritual neo-soul, and other styles.

Following her Australian Music Prize-winning 2017 mixtape “Birds and the BEE9”, Sampa The Great released her soul-searching debut album The Return in 2019.


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