Artist Of The Day: Angel Olsen

posted by Shane German on 10/08/2019

Angel Olsen is an American artist born in St. Louis and who currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina.

At age three, Olsen was adopted by a foster family that had cared for her since shortly after her birth. The difference in years between her and her parents left an impression. "Because there are so many decades of difference between us, I became more interested in what their childhood was like," she says of her parents, both of whom still live in St. Louis. "I fantasized about what it was like to be young in the ’30s and ’50s, more so than other kids my age."

The indie singer/songwriter delivers her vulnerable songs with a distinctive warble informed by vintage country.

Angel Olsen's early, spare, acoustic songs grew increasingly lush and dramatic across her first several albums.

The one-time Bonnie "Prince" Billy backup singer debuted with the reverb-heavy, solo indie folk of 2010's Strange Cacti, expanding to an alt-country power trio for her third album, 2014's Burn Your Fire  which earned her  a Billboard 200 debut.

Her 2016 album MY WOMAN expanded her sound and audience and received rave reviews from Music Critics.

While maintaining an intimate character and a haunting sound reinforced by stylized echo, Olsen recorded her fifth long-player, 2019's All Mirrors, with a 14-piece orchestra.

All Mirrors was recently added to the WYCE Music Library.

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