Artist Of The Day: Shawn Colvin

posted by Shane German on 10/04/2019

In an era when female singer-songwriters are ever more ubiquitous, Shawn Colvin stands out as a singular and enduring talent. Her songs are slow-release works of craft and catharsis that become treasured, lifetime companions for their listeners.

As a storyteller, Colvin is both keen and warm-hearted, leavening even the toughest tales with tenderness, empathy, and a searing sense of humor.

In the nearly 30 years since the release of her debut album, Colvin has won three GRAMMY Awards, released twelve albums, written a critically acclaimed memoir, maintained a non-stop national and international touring schedule, appeared on countless television and radio programs, had her songs featured in major motion pictures and created a remarkable canon of work.

Colvin was born in Vermillion, South Dakota, grew up in Carbondale, Illinois and eventually moved to New York City where she became a member of The Buddy Miller Band.

Her first solo record, Steady On won the Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Recording in 1989.

Colvin continued to win fans and critics with her subsequent releases, Fat City (1992) and Cover Girl (1994).

In 1996, she released A Few Small Repairs (1996), which would prove to be her breakthrough. The song “Sunny Came Home” gave Colvin a Top 10 hit, a platinum-selling album and two of GRAMMY’s biggest honors: Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

Colvin has continued to record and perform and has released multiple critically albums over her prolific career.

She has just released a 30th Anniversary Acoustic Version of her debut album “Steady On” which was recently added to the WYCE Music Library.

Shawn Colvin

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