Artist Of The Day: Devendra Banhart

posted by Shane German on 09/18/2019

Devendra Banhart is a Venezuelan -American singer-songwriter and visual artist.

His experimental genre-transcending recordings, which blend acoustic folk, psychedelia, and stream-of-consciousness lyrics, formed the cornerstone of an early 21st-century musical aesthetic often termed “freak folk.”

Cross-referencing the woodland mystique of T. Rex-era Marc Bolan with emotionally rich and often surprisingly vulnerable lyricism, Banhart's poetic, acoustic songs grew from the intimate LO-FI of early critically acclaimed albums, to the more polished recordings and experiments with style, arrangements, and instrumentation of his later catalog.

His latest (and tenth) album “Ma” features songs in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

The autobiographical album presents intertwining themes of motherhood, global politics, life and death through several different tonal lenses, ranging from lighthearted to melancholic and somber.

It was added to the WYCE Music Library this week.

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