New Music Monday: July 15th 2019

posted by Cassie Betten on 07/15/2019

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Davina & The Vagabonds – Sugar Drops 

Known for bringing the sounds of the iconic American music sounds into the modern generation, Davina & The Vagabonds return with their latest offering, Sugar Drops. Their influences are tastefully worn on their sleeves, blending everything from New Orleans jazz and blues with the singing influences of Billie Holliday, Tom Waits, and Aretha Franklin. Singer Davina Sowers has been quoted as a “one-of-a-kind performer whose singing… has a sassiness bearing some comparison to that of heart-thumping blues queens Ma Rainey and Ida Cox” by Downbeat magazine, and her delivery on this record continues to shine through. It’s witty, filled with character, and is supported by a solid band able to jump between each style with ease. Even with so many comparisons, Davina Sowers has built something truly special with her group, and if you didn’t catch her on May 13th at the Wharton Center for the Fine Arts, keep an eye out when she returns from a fall tour overseas!

Highlights: "I Can’t Believe I Let You Go", "Little Miss Moonshine", "Mr. Big Talker"


Boca 45 – Forty Five 

With the continued resurgence of vinyl sales from newer artists, a culture of DJ-ing, radio broadcasting, and production continues with this listening medium in mind. One such DJ known for his exclusive, 7” vinyl sets at various events is Boca 45, who returns with his third album Forty Five. Released to Nas’ label Mass Appeal, this record is filled with a collection of funky, soulful charts that all have a hypnotic quality to their infectious grooves. Collaborators on this album also include hip hop artist Emskee, British guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, singer Louis Baker, and DJ Woody, which highlight some great moments on this record. So snag a vinyl copy if you can, fire up your turntable, and groove to this record!

Highlights: "Soul On Top (feat. Louis Baker)", "The Roxy (feat. Emskee)", "Bryan Munich Theme"


Neal Francis – Changes 

After years of a self-destructive path abusing drugs and alcohol, Neal Francis approaches his new record with the sobering honesty of wanting to change for the better in his new record Changes. The sound on this record is warm, pulled from an era of rock, funk, soul, and roots music that highlighted acts like The Meters, Dr. John, Billy Preston, and The Band, groups Neal Francis has often been compared to in his own compositions. There is a spirit behind the record that is optimistic and unabashed in celebrating the joys life can bring. Neal has created something truly all his own in Chicago, and this album was a joy to listen to, especially after diving further into what inspired this collection of new tunes!

Highlights: "Changes pt 1&2", "These Are The Days", "Can’t Live Without Your Love"


KOKOKO! - Fongola 

KOKOKO! is a group that can’t be described as strictly African music or world music, but embodies the sound and spirit of the radicalisation of the people in Kinshasha, the group’s hometown. With economic hardships, deteriorating infrastructure, and political unrest, KOKOKO! seeks to unify the younger Kinois generation in question the status quo while protesting the regimes and systems that led to this point. Their sound and message can be heard in downtown clubs and the ghetto alike, combining electric sounds with DIY constructed instrumentation to really drive home a unique voice. Hear their words, dance to their cultural-driven beats, and immerse yourself in a listening experience that educates as much as it entertains!

Highlights: "Malembe", "Kitoko", "Buka Dansa"


Cari Cari – Anaana 

This DIY duo has traveled across Europe, living in London, Hamburg, & Vienna along the way, and they have taken their experiences and big, bold sounds into the studio to produce Anaana. The pair is known for toting instruments like the Didgeridoo and jaw harp, highlighting how unafraid they are to express themselves as performers. However, the core of their sound comes from Stephanie’s drumming, Alexander’s singing, and both of their vocals blending together to create everything from dreamy to thunderous rock sounds. While the band isn’t touring the US quite yet, I can only imagine that we’ll be seeing them stateside in the next few years. If you happen to be traveling to Europe any time soon, feel free to catch them supporting artists like A$AP Rocky and Bon Iver!

Highlights: "Summer Sun", "Anaana", "Mapache"




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