Artist of The Day: Stef Chura

posted by Shane German on 07/02/2019

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Tuesday, July 2nd: STEF CHURA

Michigan native Stef Chura writes wistful, visceral songs inspired by her life experiences. Equally influenced by '90s alternative/indie rock and '60s-'70s folk-rock, she has a distinctive fingerpicked guitar style and an unmistakable twangy voice.

Chura was originally from Alpena, Michigan. She moved to the Ypsilanti area of Michigan in 2009, where she began playing shows. Chura moved to Detroit in 2012 and began home-recording and self-releasing her songs, while also playing bass in friends’ bands. After years of promoting her home recordings, the death of a close friend prompted Chura to record an album. “One of my best friends passed away and I thought, what do I have to do before I die? I have to at least make one record.”

Chura released her first album, “Messes,” in 2015. In 2016, she released a split EP with Anna Burch. Her second full length album, “Midnight,” was released in June 2019 on Saddle Creek and was recently added to WYCE’s library.

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