Artist of The Day: Rhye

posted by Shane German on 05/28/2019

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Tuesday, May 28th: RHYE

An indie electronic project with a low-key modern form of R&B-inspired pop, Rhye took form behind the soft, yearning vocals of Canada's Mike Milosh.

 In 2010, after releasing three albums under his own name, Milosh was contacted about working on a remix by fellow producer/multi-instrumentalist Robin Braun. The meeting was more productive than anticipated and developed into the initially secretive project Rhye. They released their first two singles -- "Open" and "The Fall" -- in 2012, with the former being licensed for a Victoria's Secret commercial. Rhye's full-length debut, “Woman” appeared in 2013, charting in Denmark, Belgium, and the U.S., where it reached number 55 on the Billboard 200.

Moving forward artisticaly as a solo project, Rhye returned in recorded form in mid-2017 singles issued through the end of the year. The sophomore album, “Blood,” followed on in 2018.

His newest album, “Spirit,” was recently added to WYCE’s library.


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