Artist of The Day: Rising Appalachia

posted by Shane German on 05/17/2019

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A sibling duo who use their music as a voice for social change as well as creative expression, Rising Appalachia are a folk group whose music fuses the traditions of the American South with 21st century sounds, issues, and concerns. Rising Appalachia is the brainchild of sisters Leah and Chloe Smith. The sisters were born in Georgia, and spent most of their youth in Atlanta; their mother was a jazz pianist while their father was a folk music enthusiast who often staged hootenannies in their home. The siblings developed a passion for soul and hip-hop while coming of age in urban Atlanta, but after several years of traveling across the country and around the world, Leah and Chloe began reconnecting with Southern folk music after spending time with musicians in rural Appalachia. They made their first official release in 2006, “Leah and Chloe,” and soon relocated to New Orleans, where they frequently busked in the streets when they couldn't find paying gigs. 2007 saw the release of their second album, “Scale Down,” and returned in 2010 with “The Sails of Self.”

The sisters’ use their music as a source of activism in support of many causes, such as community based projects, farming, and permaculture.

Their newest album, “Leylines,” was recently added to WYCE’s library.

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