New Music Monday: April 22

posted by Cassie Betten on 04/22/2019

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Lizzo – Cuz I Love You 

Even before listening to this album, I saw Lizzo’s presence online with different videos of her singing, playing flute, and being this bold force of artistry and personality that was hard to ignore. With Cuz I Love You, it starts off right away with the title track that is big, bold, and definitely a means of confidently stating Lizzo’s talents. Each track features an unabashed sense of self-love and reveling in one’s accomplishments, whether it’s embracing every part of her appearance in “Juice” while also also declaring that she’s her own soulmate while denouncing traditional female roles in relationships. There is so much to enjoy on this record, from the message to the beats to the great production, it’s no small wonder Lizzo was able to get Gucci Mane and Missy Elliott on this release. While her stardom has been building over the last few years, Lizzo’s star power is cemented in this debut full-length, and it will be exciting to see where she takes her message going forward from such a strong start!

Highlights: "Juice", "Crybaby", "Cuz I Love You", "Better in Color"


Justin Townes Earle – The Saint of Lost Causes 

For all of you singer-songwriter fans, Justin Townes Earle is indeed the son of one of America’s most acclaimed singer-songwriters, Steve Earle, and Justin has carried that expertise in musical storytelling over the past 11 years of his career, showcased in this latest release The Saint of Lost Causes. No doubt, the album speaks to a perception many have had of Justin as a lost cause, as he has battled serious drug issues, has spent time in jail, and was sidelined from music because of his destructive behavior for most of the 90s, even getting fired from his father’s touring band at the time. Now, with years of being clean, sober, and harnessing that pain into songs that resonate with others who may have felt overwhelmed with life’s hardships. From folk rock to blues, Justin Townes Earle pairs classic American styles with expert songwriting to reach across audiences and connect them to the emotional core of his life’s experiences.


Highlights: "Frightened By The Sound", "Ain’t Got No Money", "Flint City Shake It"


Josh Ritter – Fever Breaks 

Fever Breaks feels like the beautiful pairing of a comforting car ride through the Americana countryside, knowing that Josh Ritter is confidently taking the scenic route for your best experience. Initially pursuing neuroscience as a college student, Josh’s career started in 1999 and kicked into high gear with his 2002 release “The Golden Age of Radio,” garnering praise from critics and folk fans alike. Now, two decades later, Josh is continuing to offer expert lyricism and storytelling, inspired by Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, paired with with a light dusting of rock that widens the expressive gap within each song dynamically and emotionally. If you grew up listening to his music or have followed his career up until this point, there is something in this album for everyone for enjoy.

Highlights: "All Some Kind of Dream", "I Still Love You (Now and Then)", "Old Black Magic"


Kelsey Lu – Blood 

As an artist that lists influences like Thelonius Monk, Prokofiev, Dali, and Led Zeppelin, Kelsey Lu proves the power behind a handful of expressive tools and a great singing voice paired with some experts in modern production. Collaborating with Jamie xx, Skrillex, and Adrian Younge among others, Kelsey’s vocal and cello-playing abilities are the focal point, accompanied by a sea of pulsing beats, splashes of electronic ambience, and wave after wave of string arrangements. Kelsey Lu drives home a beautiful sense of passion on Blood, pouring her heart and soul into each note that is hard to ignore and a delight to explore on this artist’s debut LP.

Highlights: "I’m Not In Love", "Due West", "Blood", "Foreign Car"


Bibio – Ribbons 

With influences like J Dilla, Marcos Valle, and ‘70s television theme songs, producer/multi-instrumentalist Stephen Wilkinson combines electronic, folk, rock, and hip hop to create some adventurous and atmospheric music under the alias Bibio. With each release over his 14 year career, Bibio proves that he is constantly changing with his current influences and expanding his musical palette to incorporate new arranging and production methods. Lilting guitar and mandolin riffs flow as gleeful synthesizers dance overtop on “The Art of Living,” where a tune like “Before” dives into a backbeat that has a similar feel to “Redbone” by Childish Gambino. In spite of so many influences, this album is distinctly focused around folk music colored with strings, keyboards, and percussion from a variety of styles. Ribbons is a great example of passion and genre-bending combined with great songwriting and production that delights the listener in its ability to joyfully express so many emotions.


Highlights: "Curls", "Old Graffiti", "The Art of Living", "Quarters"


 Additonal Adds:

Bonita & The Blues Shacks - Sweet Thing

George Benson - Walking To New Orleans

Southern Avenue - Keep On

Jade Bird - Jade Bird

The Mountain Goats - In League With Dragons

Jack Klatt - Shadows In The Sunset

Daniel Norgren - Wooh Dang

The Yawpers -  Human Question

Oh Land - Family Tree

L7 - Scatter The Rats

Bells Atlas - The Mystic

Wand - Laughing Matter

Bruce Hornsby - Absolute Zero

Calude Fontaine - Claude Fontaine

Vivian Sessoms -  Life II


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