Artist of The Day: Y La Bamba

posted by Shane German on 03/18/2019

Monday, March 18th: Y LA BAMBA

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Y La Bamba is a Portland-based indie folk-pop project from singer-songwriter Luz Elena. The group's sound weds Mexican folk styles -- from mariachi, nueva cancion, and norteño to American folk-rock and dreamy indie pop, and is accompanied by Mendoza’s vocals sung in both English and Spanish.

Her parents hail from Mexico. Though born in San Francisco, she was raised in Southern Oregon and spent her childhood summers in California’s San Joaquin Valley. There, Mendoza absorbed the melodies, three part-harmonies, and folktales of traditional Mexican mariachis.

Although Mendoza first began performing as a solo artist, after finding like-minded band mates, she formed Y La Bamba. They released their debut in 2008, “Alida St.,” and only gained more momentum through their 2010, 2012, and 2013 releases.

Y La Bamba released their fifth album "Mujeres" last month.


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