Artist of The Day: Adia Victoria

posted by Shane German on 03/11/2019

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Monday, March 11th: ADIA VICTORIA

A Nashville-based singer/songwriter who spins dark-hued tales of life in the Deep South, Adia Victoria is known for her "gothic blues" musical style. In addition to playing and writing music, she also writes poetry.

During her high school days, Victoria took to writing poems and short stories and became a voracious reader with tastes ranging from Flannery O'Connor to Angela Davis. Following high school, she spent some time living in New York City, but eventually left for Georgia where for her 21st birthday, a friend gave her a guitar, setting off an intense interest in music and a fascination with vintage acoustic blues. Absorbing the sounds of the South -- rural blues and vintage country -- and interpolating her literary influences, Victoria soon became a common presence on the Nashville club scene and attracted a devoted following.

She released her debut single, "Stuck in the South," in 2014, earning positive reviews and Victoria's debut album, “Beyond the Bloodhounds,” arrived in May 2016, garnering critical acclaim and kicking off two years of hard touring in support of the release. A pair of EPs appeared in 2017 beginning with “How It Feels,” which was sung entirely in French, followed by a short set of blues covers called “Baby Blues.”

Her newest album, “Silences,” was added into the WYCE Library this week.

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