Artist of The Day: Citizen Cope

posted by Shane German on 03/04/2019

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Monday, March 4th: CITIZEN COPE

Clarence Greenwood, known by his stage name of Citizen Cope, is an American songwriter, producer and performer. His music is commonly described as a mix of blues, soul, folk, hip-hop, and rock.

He debuted with a self-titled album in 2002, but after disagreements with major labels, he started his own label, Rainwater Recordings. He has worked alongside many artists such as Carlos Santana, Sheryl Crow, and Eric Clapton.

His sixth release and first album in 6 years, titled “Heroin and Helicopters,” was recently added to the WYCE Library. 

“We’re living in an addicted society,” says Cope, “and not just addicted to drugs or alcohol or substances. We’re addicted to conflict and fame and social media. We’re addicted to getting what we want without working for it, without paying the price.”


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