Artist Of The Day: Cat Power

posted by Shane German on 10/11/2018

Thursday October 11th: CAT POWER

A one of a kind artist unafraid to reveal her inner self and follow her muse in different directions, Cat Power's Chan Marshall pens literate and emotionally revealing songs and performs them with strength and fragility.

Her earliest albums, such as 1996's What Would the Community Think, reflected the influence of New York's experimental rock scene. As time went on, however, the folk, blues and soul music she was raised on made themselves known on 1998's Moon Pix and 2006's The Greatest, which featured performances by Memphis soul legends.

As Marshall continued to experiment, adding electronics on 2012's Sun and releasing one of her starkest albums yet with 2018's Wanderer, she established herself as one of the 21st century's most acclaimed singer-songwriters and paved the way for like-minded artists such as Mitski, Snail Mail and Angel Olsen. AllMusic

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