Artist Of The Day: Phosphorescent

posted by Shane German on 10/08/2018

Monday October 8th: PHOSPHORESCENT

As Phosphorescent, singer/songwriter Mathew Houck embarked on a slow-burning journey that saw his music rise from dusty homespun albums to critically lauded and internationally recognized songs as he pushed on through the years.

Houck wrote songs and toured solo while in his early twenties, taking on the Phosphorescent moniker in 2001 and releasing several albums before signing to heavyweight indie label Dead Oceans with the release of 2007's Pride. Relocating from Athens, Georgia to Brooklyn, Houck assembled a cast of various bandmates, touring relentlessly through the 2000's and finding more success with each new album. 2013's career highlight Muchacho would be Phosphorescent's best-received work to date. The album sold better than anything that came before it in Houck's catalog and included standout cut "Song for Zula," which was used in multiple films and television shows across the globe.

After starting a family and moving back to Nashville, Houck took several years off before re-emerging with 2018's C'est La Vie. AllMusic

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