Electric Poetry: L. C. Cooper Jr.

posted by Cassie Betten on 09/04/2018
On this episode of Electric Poetry, which aired on 9/4/18, enjoy poems from and an interview with L. C. Cooper Jr.! We talk about race, society, and even dating. :) About the poet: L. C. Cooper Jr. is a 26 year old African American male that uses the power of his voice to share his ideas of freedom peace and justice with the world. Being born and raised in Benton Harbor MI exposed him to many of life’s challenges at an earlier age than most. After experiencing terror in the form of racism during elementary school and having no one to turn to for healthy coping mechanisms, L. C. set out to use music, writing and other creative outlets to share his thoughts, opinions and ideas. His goal is to become a valuable resource for anyone who is being terrorized or victimized in any way shape or form.

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