Artist of The Day: DeVotchKa

posted by Cassie Betten on 08/28/2018

Tuesday August 28th: DEVOTCHKA

A cross-pollination of numerous influences, including cabaret, spaghetti Westerns, norteño, punk, and the immigrant dance music of Eastern Europe, Colorado-based quartet DeVotchKa emerged as unlikely indie heroes in the mid-2000s.

DeVotchKa was formed in Denver by multi-instrumentalists Nick Urata (vocals, guitar, trumpet), Tom Hagerman (violin, accordion), Jeanie Schroder (sousaphone, bass), and percussionist Shawn King. Originally a backing back for local burlesque shows, they recorded their debut album, Supermelodrama, in 2000, garnering numerous accolades.

After diverting to film score production, the band regrouped to record their sixth studio album This Night Falls Forever out this Friday on Concord Records.



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