Artist of The Day: decker.

posted by Cassie Betten on 08/23/2018

Thursday August 23rd: DECKER.

Brandon Decker aka "decker." is an American singer-songwriter based out of Sedona, AZ. He performs and releases albums under the moniker decker. Since October 2009 Decker has written, recorded and self-released 6 albums, all the while touring substantially across the United States. While performing tour stops at traditional music venues, Decker early on gained notoriety for almost daily impromptu street performances he and his band gave during the course of a 99-show tour for his 2010 release, Long as the Night.

Decker is known for his desert-influenced stylings, semi-autobiographical and emotionally driven songwriting, as well as the use of Biblical themes, although he professes to be an agnostic. His latest release Born to Wake Up is out September 14th with Royal Potato Family records.


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