Artist of The Day: Tanzania Albinism Collective

posted by on 06/15/2018

Friday June 15th : Tanzania Albanism Collective

Those with Albinism in East Africa are often referred to as “White” by their oppressors, prompting the members of the Albinism Collective to take control of that message in an empowering, rather than denigrating way, hence the title of the first record released by Six Degrees: White African Power.

Commenting on the title, producer Ian Brennan states: “As one of the most persecuted groups on the planet, when a member of the albinism community in Tanzania— especially ones who have been hunted, assaulted, harassed daily, abandoned, shunned and/or relocated by the government for their own physical protection– asserts his “power”, it should not be denied. And, if anyone has earned the right for the use of irony, it is those that have suffered such atrocities and ostracism from birth, yet still managed to endure.”

WYCE has just added a recent EP from the collective entitled Our Skin May Be Different, But Our Blood Is the Same.



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