Artist of the Day: Deerhoof

posted by Matt Jarrells on 10/02/2017

October 2, 2017

Tomorrow night! Revered indie rock group Deerhoof performs at the Pyramid Scheme. For over 20 years, Deerhoof has been experimenting and perfecting a sound that defies categorization. Formed in 1994 by Rob Fisk and Greg Saunier, the group started as an improvisational drum/bass duo. Deerhoof added singer Satomi Matsuzaki in 1995. Matsuzaki's start in Deerhoof was a whirlwind two weeks in which she moved to the US from Japan, joined Deerhoof with no prior experience playing in a band and joined the group on a tour opening for Caroliner. Deerhoof's first album 1997's The Man, The King, The Girl was recorded to four track cassette, utilizing toy instruments and broken Casios.

In 1999 guitarist John Dietrich joined the band and they began the three year process of creating their follow-up album. Along with continuously released albums that evolved their sound, Deerhoof found the time to begin crafting remixes of songs from other artists. The list of artist that the band remixed features names as varied as Xiu Xiu, Sufjan Stevens, and Maroon 5. The band's latest Mountain Moves was released on August 28th and features covers of songs by The Staples Singers and Bob Marley.

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