Artist of the Day: Gogol Bordello

posted by Matt Jarrells on 09/27/2017


The world's premier gypsy punk group, Gogol Bordello is set to perform a highly anticipated show tonight at The Intersection. Led by the charismatic Ukrainian lead singer Eugene Hütz , the group formed in Lower Manhattan and originally performed under the name Hütz and the Bela Bartoks. After realizing that audiences may not be aware of Bela Bartok, they changed the name to Gogol Bordello. The name comes from the famed Russian -Ukrainian  author Nikolai Gogol, whose ability to smuggle Ukrainian culture into Russia inspired their own ambition to smuggle Eastern European influences into American rock music. Their debut album Voi-La Intruder was released in 1999.

The band gained major acclaim with their 2005 album Gypsy Punks: Underground World Strike, which was recorded by Steve Albini. This was followed by 2007's Super Tarana!, which achieve even more raves from critics. 

When he is not fronting the band and touring the world, Hütz has kept himself busy with many side projects. This includes work as a DJ and as an actor. Hütz has appeared in a number of films including the film adaptation of Everything is Illuminated and 2008's Filth and Wisdom directed by Madonna. The band is currently touring in support of their most recent release Seekers and Finders, which was released last month. This is the first Gogol Bordello album to be produced by Hütz and features an appearance from Regina Spektor.

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