Artist of the Day: Cash Box Kings

posted by Matt Jarrells on 09/20/2017


Chicago based blues outfit the Cash Box Kings recently released their latest album, Royal Mint, in June. Named for the now defunct music trade publication Cash Box, the group was formed by Joe Nosek in 2001. The group follows in the traditions of Chicago style blues from the 40s and 50s popularized by legends Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf.  The group released three albums during the early years, but things changed immensely with the addition of vocalist Oscar Wilson in 2007. Wilson brought years of blues experience and authenticity to the group, having grown up around the world of Chicago blues in the fifties and sixties.

The band has played at blues festivals around the world and has accrued a number of Blues awards for their albums. Their latest record is a mixture of covers of blues legends and original works.  These original tracks include the sarcastic and biting political commentary of "Build That Wall" and a true blues song for the digital age " If You Got a Jealous Woman. Facebook Ain't Your Friend".  In Nosek's view this album is "is our strongest album" and is "the band is at its absolute best.”

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