Artist of the Day: Grizzly Bear

posted by Matt Jarrells on 09/12/2017

September 12, 2017

Painted Ruins, the highly anticipated fifth studio album from Brooklyn based indie rock band Grizzly Bear was released on August 18th. The band started out as a solo act for lead singer Ed Droste, who began recording as Grizzly Bear in 2002. As a solo act, Droste recorded and released the 2005 debut album Horn of Plenty. Following the release of that album, Droste was joined by drummer Christopher Bear, bass player Chris Taylor, and guitarist Daniel Rossen.  Grizzly Bear's first album as a group, the 2006 album Yellow House ,was released to immense critical acclaim.

In 2008 following a stint touring as the opening act for Radiohead, the band began work on their follow up. The result was 2009's Veckatimest, the band's breakthrough album. The album earned raves from critical publications and did very well commercially, landing at No. 8 on the Billboard album charts.  The success continued with 2012's Shields landing at No. 7. 

Work on Painted Ruins began in 2015 and was produced in a fractured manner due to the band members living in different parts of the country. According to Droste, the band was "feeling more adventurous with the sonic directions" and were planning on "changing it up a little bit".

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