Artist of the Day: Major Murphy

posted by Matt Jarrells on 09/08/2017

Describing themselves as "more or less a rock band" local group Major Murphy just released On and Off Again, a six song EP in July. Major Murphy was formed in 2015 by  guitarist Jacob Bullard, bassist Jacki Warren, and drummer Brian Voortman.  Bullard grew up in Traverse City where he fell into the punk music scene.  Following the creation of Major Murphy, the group got right to it recording a four song EP titled Future Release. It was following this release that the group would actually begin to tour.

As they began touring, the band's sound grew and deepened.  The title was inspired by the grind of touring and returning back home that is familiar to any music artist. During the period between the EPs the group added a fourth unofficial member, Bullard and Warren's son Benjii, who has a starring role in the video for the song "Oceans".  The band is currently touring with upcoming shows at Founders (October 19) and The Pyramid Scheme (December 16) .


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