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posted by on 08/09/2017

Wednesday August 9th 2017 

French Indie Rock group Phoenix's latest album Ti Amo is out now.  The band was formed in Versailles in the mid 90s by friends Thomas Mars, Deck d'Arcy, and Chris Mazzalai. They were then joined by Mazzalai's brother Laurent Brancowitz, following his stint in Darlin', a short lived band he formed with Thomas Bangelter and Guy-Manuel de Honem-Christo, two men who would find worldwide success as Daft Punk.  Phoenix released their first album United in 2000 and would find some success with the single "Too Young". The song would be featured on the soundtrack to Lost in Translation, the acclaimed film by Mars' future wife Sophia Coppola.

Phoenix released multiple well-regarded albums, but they would achieve immense success with the 2009 release of their fourth studio album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.  Propelled by the success of singles "1901" and "Lisztomania", the album would become certified Gold, top the Billboard alternative music charts and win the Grammy for Best Alternative Album.  Following up such a massive smash was not going to be easy and with the release of 2015's Bankrupt, Mars went on record talking about how hard it was not let the massive success get to their head and focus on the music.  Phoenix persevered with the help of  an Ebay purchase, the Harrison 4032 solid-state recording console, on which Michael Jackson recorded ThrillerTi Amo was recorded in France during a turbulent time politically and globally, so the band felt that this albums should be seen as a "safe haven" for these trying times.

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