Artist of The Day: Nicole Atkins

posted by on 08/08/2017

Tuesday August 8th 2017

Singer-Songwriter Nicole Atkins' fourth studio album Goodnight Rhonda Lee was just released last month.  Atkins grew up in New Jersey but following her high school graduation, she moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend college. While there Atkins became involved in the local music scene. She performed with a local supergroup Nitehawk, a group which at one time counted around thirty members. She also performed with the band Los Parasol, releasing the EP The Summer of Love in 2002.  Following the release of that EP, Atkins relocated to Brooklyn where she began work on her solo career. In 2005, she released a demo CD Party's Over ,which she recorded at her parent's house.

            Atkins'  major label debut album  Neptune City was released in 2007.  Critics were overwhelmingly positive about Atkins' throwback pop sound which evoked the ballad style of artists like Roy Orbison.  Atkins followed that up with an EP of cover songs in 2008.  Unhappy with the recording industry and the troubled development of her second album, Atkins decided to release her 2014 album Slow Phaser, independently using her own label, Oh Mercy! Records.  Following her time self-releasing her work, Atkins decided to release her most recent album through a smaller label, the Alabama based Single Lock Records.

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