Artist Of The Day: Lila Downs

posted by on 08/01/2017

Tuesday August 1st 2017

Mexican-American singer-songwriter and actress Lila Downs has been entertaining audiences for over 25 years. Downs career began in the early 90s with her debut album Ofrenda, a collection of traditional Oaxacan [WAH-ha-k’n] songs. Downs made her major label debut in 1999 with La Sanduga, but her international breakthrough came with 2001's album Border. It was Downs’ first album to feature songs in English and it sold well throughout the world. 

Along with her music career, Downs is also known for her activism and acting. Downs' lyrics often deal with controversial issues such as immigration and the poor treatment of indigenous peoples in Oaxaca [WAH-ha-kah].  Downs has acted in a handful of films including the 2002 Frieda Kahlo biopic Frieda for which she contributed a song on the soundtrack. That song - "Burn It Blue" - would be nominated for a Best Original Song Oscar.  Down's most recent album Salón Lágrimas y Deseo was released in May.

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