Artist of the Day: Alt-J

posted by Matt Jarrells on 08/07/2017

August 7, 2017

Relaxer the third album from British indie rock group Alt-J was released in June.  College friends Gwil Sainsbury, Joe Newman, Gus Unger Hamilton, and Thom Sonny Green formed the band in 2007. The band's name comes from the Greek letter , which can be punched into a word document using the command alt-j on an Apple computer. The band's debut album An Awesome Wave was released in 2012 to excellent reviews. The band went on to win the coveted Mercury Prize for their album, which boosted their sales. Following all the praise, the album ended up selling over a million copies.   

Following the success of their debut, Sainsbury amicably exited the group in 2014 The band's much anticipated follow-up album This Is All Yours was released later that year to even greater success, reaching number one on the UK album charts and earning the band a Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Album.  The band is currently on tour supporting their new record with a show planned in Grand Rapids on October 24th at 20 Monroe Live.

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