Artist of the Day: The Besnard Lakes

posted by Matt Jarrells on 05/16/2017

Tonight, Canadian indie psych-rockers The Besnard Lakes perform at The Pyramid Scheme with local headliners Book Of Symbols and Dirt Room. Currently touring on 2016’s A Coliseum Complex Museum, The Besnard Lakes are sure to fill the room with signature androgynous harmonies, swirling guitars, swelling keys, and crunching drums.  The album was self-recorded and produced by the band, as are all their releases, at Breakglass Studio in Montreal built by lead guitarist Jace Lasek. Lasek and wife Olga Goreas decided to openly embrace their influences/interests lyrically on the record, exploring nature, the occult, and paranormal.

The band formed in 2003 and is named after Besnard Lake in Saskatchewan where Lasek and Goreas spend their summers demoing and accumulate inspiration.  The duo gained steam differentiating themselves from contemporaries Godspeed You! Black Emperor and The Arcade Fire by incorporating their love for radio hits of the past into an otherwise self-serious scene. Lesek built Breakglass Studio in 2005 with produced Dave Smith and has worked with Sunset Rubdown, Wolf Parade, and Land of Talk.

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