Artist of the Day: Beth Bombara

posted by Matt Jarrells on 05/05/2017

May 5, 2017

Returning to the city where she honed her punk-rock chops before diving into folk, Grand Rapids native Beth Bombara returns Friday, May 5th to play at the Pyramid Scheme with Frontier Ruckus and Jes Kramer. Currently performing material from her recent release Map & No Direction, which came out in February, Bombara’s sound expands from its folksy roots to allow British pop and rock influences to shine through. The album was recorded with Karl Kling and her frequent collaborator/husband Kit Hamon in Portland, OR.

Bombara has spent time outside of the solo spotlight performing in the touring lineups for singer/songwriter Samantha Crain and dance-pop group RAC. Through RAC, she met Kling who played a vital part in the sonic expansion of the album. The new material largely draws from Bombara’s travels around the Pacific Northwest both lyrically and musically after a stagnant period in her new hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.

Tune in today at 1PM for an in-studio performance and interview with Beth Bombara on 88.1 FM WYCE or online at


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