Guidelines for Submitting Music to WYCE

About WYCE Music

WYCE hosts a wide variety of great music, with a mix and method unique to us here on Michigan's West Coast. We are proud to curate a terribly large collection of Michigan music, and we listen to thousands of unsolicited submissions each year. We host a diverse collection of well over 1500 regional releases, which grows by 3-4 releases each week. Here's a searchable list of WYCE artists:

Contact Info for Submission:

WYCE Radio
attn: Shane German
711 Bridge St NW
Grand Rapids MI 49504

Music Submission Process

To make things easier for you first-timers, here are a few simple instructions meant to assist in your submission to WYCE and other media outlets:

What to submit, when to submit and What will WYCE accept?

  • WYCE accepts and plays CDs, High Quality MP3 files via Google Drive/Dropbox, and Vinyl. If you are lucky or ambitious enough to have all three formats available, please submit all of them! This will only increase your exposure. Full-length CDs still receive by far the most airplay over any medium on WYCE. If you have a digital-only release, please consider burning a CD with artwork and track listing for WYCE programmers to play. Physical copies are not required, but considering all the time you've already put into publishing your music, we recommend taking a little extra time to submit something that will draw the most exposure for your music.
  • Submit Radio-Friendly Songs. Please mark your tracks if they contain any language or lyrics that are not suited for daytime radio airplay. If your submission is lacking this information, your airplay on WYCE will be delayed, even withheld in some circumstances. Here are some guidelines that WYCE is mandated to follow by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC):  
  • Submit your release in its completed state. You won't do yourself or your group any favors by submitting a pre-mastered or demo version of your songs. If you have plans to refine and publish them later in the year, our advice is to wait. This is good advice for submission to any media outlet...dont ruin your first impression! A finished product has considerably more impact with listeners, reviewers, and programmers.
    We prefer music submissions to have enough content to fill an EP or full-length LP (not singles).

  • Submit a one sheet biography / promotional pitch. Consider this to be your resume, introduction, and cover sheet to WYCE listeners. Try to convey the most essential info about your group, as well as other reviews, contact information, and web sites. One photo is recommended. Please mark all tracks that contain material that could be deemed offensive by our listeners, as defined by FCC standards.
  • Follow up. Send the album to the WYCE Music Director, and mark the package "Local" or "Regional" to recieve increased priorityThe most effective way to confirm proper receipt and consideration of your album is via email. It is recommended that an artist send an email to the Music Director the day it is mailed, and then follow up within two weeks of submission. Once a response is received, please be patient. Due to the high volume of music in consideration at all times at WYCE, repeated contact can only delay the process.
    Please Note: Music Submissions are approved at the discretion of the Music Director based on sound, quality, and presentation.