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How do I get my message on WYCE?

Public Service Announcements
Public Service Announcements are reserved for general information on non-profit organizations and the ways they serve the community. If you would like to get the word out about your non-profit, please send information to A short PSA will be placed in our rotation. The number of times it is aired depends on how many PSAs are currently rotating. Also you may come down to WYCE and record your own PSA. Please contact ( to set up an appointment. 

If you are a non-profit organization and have an event you would like to submit to the WYCE on-air arts/events calendars, please send the information to Please send 2 weeks prior to event. There are also interview opportunities available. Please contact ( for more information.

Submit your event

Other ways to get your message on WYCE:
If you are not an NPO or are interested in other ways to get your message on the air, there are paid underwriting opportunities available. Please contact for details: 616-459-4788 x111.

Local and Touring Bands

Contact for in-studio interview and performance opportunities. It is encouraged to submit your music for airplay consideration, as found here. Please include in inquiry your local show information and links to your music content. Weekdays are best for artist visits, as we are fully staffed to provide audio engineering assistance, though some weekend appearances will be considered.

How do I become a programmer?

Most of the people you hear spinning tunes on WYCE are volunteers from the community with a love of eclectic music. The best way to get on-air is to get involved off-air, behind the scenes. Volunteer to answer phones for a fund drive, come out to shows, become an intern, interact with our social media - the better we know you, the more likely we are to invite you to one of our programmer training classes.

Online Programmer Application

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