Alice Coltrane

Translinear Light


Sixty-seven year-old Alice Coltrane (widow of the legendary John) is joined by sons Ravi and Oran and other great names in jazz – Charlie Haden, Jack DeJohnette and Jeff “Tain” Waits – in this set, Alice’s first major recording in over 20 years.

She’s chosen three main themes to express her art – Indian/Hindu structures (#1, #4, #11); traditional spiritual/gospel foundations (#2, #5, #6); and homages to her departed husband (#7, #8, #9). The results are inspiring, sometimes challenging, but mostly rewarding. I’m drawn more to her piano work than the Wurlitzer or synthesizer numbers, but her talent shines in them all. (And thanks to a great supporting cast, too: Check out DeJohnette’s drum solo in “Leo.”)

Just as we’ve missed her husband, we’ve missed Alice, too. It is good – and important – to have her back.

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