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BRIAN O’NEAL – Daisy Regional (Detroit) I have been to two of Brian O'Neal's concerts and both have been excellent musicianship. Brian connects with the audience during and after the concert. An example, he invited some kids up on stage at one of the last numbers to play various rhythm instruments. On his Facebook and Myspace sites he takes time to answer many of his fans comments. He plays the keyboards and drums occasionally. His band consists of another keyboardist, drummer, 2 guitar, saxophonist- alto tenor clarinet, conga player and sometimes brass. His music is jazz hard driving, easy listening and even funk. One of his newest songs "Islands in the Sun" with Rod Tate has a Caribbean beat. He tours with KEM on occasion as a keyboardist O'Neal has shared the stage with many great musicians over the past two decades including Will Downing, Morris Day and the Time, India Arie, Ledisi, Fantasia, Angela Bofill, Stevie Wonder, Maze (featuring Frankie Beverly), Alex Bugnon, George Duke, Pieces of a Dream, Chaka Kahn, Najee, Kindred the Family Soul, and Jeff Lorber. He has also composed and produced music for several artists abroad; including UNV, Kathy Avalon, Eddie Oliver and a host of other upcoming talents. I highly recommend Brian to the WYCE audience and would love to see him in one of GR great venues. – Lowell Anderson, a WYCE Listener

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