Keller Williams’s latest album, 12 (representing 12 songs written during the past 12 years for his 12th release), features The String Cheese Incident, the band he credits for his career boost ... playing modest local bars to 1,000-seat venues. This bona fide genre-bender, who mixes folk, rock and funk, and has been coined a “one-man jam band,” put together an album of his previous work … showcasing his interesting instrument choices and colorful lyrics, not to mention his superb guitar playing. Track 2, “Anyhow Anyway,” kicks off with squawking seagulls (or is it the flying monkeys from “The Wizard of Oz”?). The seagulls are soon followed by a xylophone, bongos and female harmony vocals. Track 3, “Tribe,” is filled with plenty of guitar plucks and slides, and Williams’s voice transforms from breathy contemporary to archaic Old-Time Radio. Track 6, “Freeker By The Speaker,” puts thoughtful lyrics and masterful guitar playing at the forefront, while track 12, “Freshies,” delivers a mellow groove. Reviewed by Sara Cosgrove Track 5, “More Than A Little” contains “shit.”

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