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Posts by Ted

Job Posting: GRTV Education Coordinator

We are actively pursuing a dynamic and diverse team member to join us in the role of Community Education Coordinator. The Community Education Coordinator plans and conducts classes and workshops and communicates learning materials and activities to meet CMC goals based on community needs. The position also establishes and maintains trusted relationships with educational partners in the community at all levels including preschool, k-12 organizations, colleges and universities, and education non-profit organizations in Grand Rapids.

Job Posting: Executive Director - Grand Rapids Community Media Center

The Executive Director of the Community Media Center (CMC) is responsible for all departments of a multiplatform media non-profit organization: GRTV (a public access television station); WYCE 88.1 FM (a community radio station); the Wealthy Theatre (a historic performing arts and community center); The Rapidian (a hyper-local electronic news source); and an IT and Media Services Center that helps local non-profit organization and community members.

Job Posting: GRTV Marketing Manager

We are pursuing a dynamic and diverse team member to join us in the role of Marketing Manager. The Marketing Manager will coordinate and implement the strategic planning of marketing funds to build brand awareness across all platforms. This role will create innovative marketing initiatives with measurable goals and objectives to support brand awareness and audience growth.