Actors' Theatre Summer Performance Series - Queer Stories

posted by Chris Kotcher on 07/11/2021

Celebrating Grand Rapids pride festival month for an artistic expression of queer stories and experiences. 7 performers telling their own experiences through chosen song, spoken word, and theatrical monologues. Presented by Actors' Theatre Grand Rapids. 

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Khari Neal (he/him)
Meaghan Gietzen (she/her)
Eli Sulkowski (he/him)
Matty Owen (she/her)
Darius Colquitt (he/him/his)
Danah Montgomery (she/they)
Marcus Jordan (he/him)

Creative Team:
Ellie Frances (they/she) - Director
Marcus Jordan (he/him) - Creative Producer/Collaborator
Brendan Hollins (he/him) - Music Director
Jenna Betka-Pope (she/her) - Production/Stage Manager

Brendan Hollins (he/him) - Pianist
Alex Hamel (he/his) - Drums
Chris Bursley (he/his) - Guitars/bass

Technical Support:
Timothy Schmidt (he/him) - Sound Design
Sam Johnson (he/him) - Sound Operator
Chris Kotcher (he/him) - Light Design

Cody Colvin (he/him) - Camera Operator
Geoff Hudson (he/him) - Camera Operator
Chris Kotcher (he/him) - Video/Tech Director

Special Thanks:
Jessica Alverson (she/her)
Caleb Dillon (he/him)

Recorded Live at Wealthy Theatre
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Thursday June 24th, 2021

Video Production Powered by GRTV & Wealthy Theatre; proud services of the Grand Rapids Community Media Center.

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