History of Grand Rapids Hip-Hop pt.2

posted by Chris Kotcher on 06/28/2017

All the rich characters, events and music that helped shape what became and is becoming Grand Rapids HipHop. May 15th is the 2nd/3rd generation panel which includes artists that were on the fringe on the 2nd generation 86/87 of GR Hiphop and those who kicked in the door on the 3rd generation 96/97 of GR HipHop. Now airing on GRTV.

This series, brought to you by Wealthy Theatre, The Wege Foundation, Grand Rapids HipHop Coalition and The Love Movement Inc.(Official HipHop Non Profit), will be ongoing, generation by generation as we are filming each episode for an official History of Grand Rapids HipHop documentary.

Panelists include:
James (Jumbo) Owens
Troy (Ceaser) Braden
Tychuis (Shorty TY) Martin
Will (Raw G) Grandson
Will (DJ Rush Da Gullitine) Blackmon
Jimaine (SixMan) Wilson
Charles (Pofani) Ambrose,
Maurice (Izy Dope) Scott
With a special keynote address from Minister Server.

May 15th, 2017

Video Production by
Wealthy Theatre & GRTV


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