History of Grand Rapids Hip-Hop pt. 1

posted by Chris Kotcher on 06/28/2017

Pioneers and participants of the first and second generation of Grand Rapids Hip-Hop. Hear their stories and details of the origins of the local scene - directly from them. Now airing on GRTV.

Did you know a Grand Rapids artist was the first rapper ever signed to a record deal with Epic Records - at the same time Michael Jackson was with the label (during the “Thriller” era)? The same label that is now home to Rick Ross, Tribe Called Quest, and many more. Did you know a Grand Rapids rap group was the first Michigan rappers to have a video on MTV? Hear these stories and more. Featuring: Tony Tate (Dancer), Chris Cross of (New Concept), Atricia Banks of (Rhun Girl Run), Robert S, Governor Slugwell (GRHHC) and moderator Jonathan Jelks (GR USA).

This series will be ongoing, generation by generation, as we are filming each episode for an official History of Grand Rapids HipHop documentary. We hope everyone will join in on helping us account for all the rich characters, events and music that helped shape up, what became and is becoming Grand Rapids HipHop. And so that we may also properly pass the baton to the next generations to follow.

Video Production by:
Wealthy Theatre & GRTV

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