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Catalyst Radio: UICA - OddBall

Host Alison Palm welcomes Chris Koens Marketing & Communications Coordinator of The Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts. Aired 09/13/19

Catalyst Radio: Green MI Episode 1 episode of Catalyst Radio with Dan Broersma and Nick Carlson from Goodwill Industries, Drew Paloucek with the Alliance for the Great Lakes. If there is a topic you are interested in hearing more about or if you would like to be a guest, please contact

Catalyst Radio: Luke Ferris

Host Allison Palm welcomes community activist, podcast host, and member of Mayor Bliss' Millennial Advisory Board Luke Ferris. Aired 2019 08 - 23

Catalyst Radio: Title Track

Host Julie Kurylowicz welcomes Michigan singer-songwriter and activist, Seth Bernard, Title Track offers a broad set of programming building upon Bernard’s lifetime of music making, community organizing, and advocacy for the environment and social justice. Aired 08-02-2019 88.1FM WYCE

Catalyst Radio: Exodus Place

Host John Nowak welcomes Executive Director and founder of Exodus Place, Robb Munger, to reflect on 10 years of helping the homless of West Mcihigan. Aired 88.1FM WYCE 2019 - 07 - 19

Catalyst Radio: Free Mom Hugs MI

Host Allison Palm welcomes Vicki - a representative from the Michigan chapter of Free Mom Hugs: a non-profit organization aimed to help LGBTQ+ communities. Aired 2019 - 06 - 28